Breathwork is a conscious breath awareness process which is used around the world to explore, release and integrate mental, emotional and physical material that may be impeding an ability to experience a sense of personal well-being.

Therapeutic Breathwork™ has been successfully adapted to a wide variety of healing and growth settings. Professionals and non-professionals have used the training to enhance their healing skills. Some of the disciplines incorporating breathwork include psychotherapists, occupational and physical therapists, nurses, physicians, dentists, massage therapists as well as body and energy workers.

All trainings are approved for Continuing Education Credit by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) and the National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC).

Certification in four levels of Professional Breathworker Training

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We offer:
>  Practicum in Therapeutic Breathwork
>  Modules in Special Topics in Breathwork (August) even numbered years
>  Modules in Special Topics in Breathwork (September) even numbered years
>  An Introduction To Therapeutic Breathwork Module 1- Dry Breathwork
>  Breathwork in Water Training Module 2
>  Group Breathwork Facilitation Module 3
>  The Anatomy of Breathwork Module 4
>  Energy Release and Body Types in Breathwork Module 5
>  Touch and Movement in Breathwork Module 6
>  Trauma and Breathwork Module 7
>  Sexuality and Ethics in Breathwork Module 8
>  Shamanism and Breathwork Module 9
with Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.
Location "Cedar Valley" near West Bend, WI is nestled in the serene Kettle Moraine area with a pond, pool, hot tub available for breathwork sessions and comfortable accommodations.

>  Basic Therapeutic Breathwork Training Level I - II
>  Advanced Therapeutic Breathwork Training Level II - III
>  Breathworker Trainer Apprenticeship Level IV
>  Application

Breathworkers Certified at the Level III Professional Level through the Therapeutic Breathwork Training Program

Mike Arney - Milwaukee, WI
Kate Becker - New Orleans, LA
Gregory Bordenave - New Orleans, LA
Christine Dantuma - Hartford, WI
Linda DeMill - Rhinelander, WI
Andy High - Milwaukee, WI
Andrea Hill - Ann Arbor, MI
Anne Johnson - Delafield, WI
Lillie Lee - Denver and Frisco, CO
Jenn Maricelli - Missoula, MT
Elaine McCarthy - Waukeshau, WI
Trish Williams Mueller - Glendale, WI
Mary Naylor - Ireland
Leann Panek - Milwaukee, WI
Ron Rothchild - Urbana, IL
Patricia Stout - Mandeville, LA
Sherry Ward - West Allis, WI
Kathleen Wojcik - Wauwatosa, WI

Breathworkers Certified at the Level IV Trainer Level through the Therapeutic Breathwork Training Program

Jayne Ader - Milwaukee, WI
Outail Omar Chtioui - Amman, Jordan
Lenny Delvecchio - Milwaukee, WI
Jack Fontana - Metairie, LA
Carol Lampman - Tuscon, AZ
Steve Moe - Rhinelander, WI
Teri Nehring - Green Bay, WI