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Personal Integration Studies Certificate
To apply for admission complete the Application Form linked below and email or fax to the School of Integrative Psychology. Background experience, seriousness of intent and competency in the English language are considerations for admission. You will be notified via return email about your acceptance to the Certificate Program.

Only the entire Course Series may be purchased as part of a Certificate Program, which includes all materials (audio and video downloads, written documents, and course tests) needed to obtain a certificate. Individual classes may be purchased through Continuing Education or Lifelong Learning. There is a discount applied for purchase of the course series at time of registration.

Application for Personal Integration Certificate Program

Personal Integration Studies Certificate Program
  (includes all courses)
Full Tuition paid at registration
($97 savings)
$878 BUY

Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.

This series of seminars lays the foundation for a holistic approach to life. Six major life areas are examined to infuse a greater sense of self-responsibility, creativity and thus balanced healthy approach to well being.

Being unaware of the belief systems which shape one's reality often keeps one searching for knowledge in endless variations on outmoded themes. Having the tools to more objectively witness one's structure of thought, alter basic patterns and then analyze the results is a profound step in human development. This allows one more choice in infusing spiritual principles in place of unconscious patterning. These seminars take students step by step through this process in life areas which hold the most meaning and emotional charge. Thus it is more than a how-to manual, but teaches group and individual support techniques to make effective change.

It is expected that students will be able to:
  1. Infuse creative thinking into major areas of life purpose through analysis, affirmation and effective goal setting,
  2. Understand and use the body as an energy conducting system, means of communication and product of one's thoughts,
  3. Work effectively with prosperity principles including earning, spending, saving and investing,
  4. Recognize major psychological and emotional patterns in relationships and apply creative thought principles to change,
  5. Explore realms of conscious awareness beyond consensus reality,
  6. Address psychological factors that undermine spiritual fulfillment including birth trauma, parental disapproval syndrome and the unconscious death urge.
(24 CE credits) $275 BUY

These holistic practices have been developed over the past 30 years. Students will be introduced to the theory and practice of reading and releasing characterological and their corresponding physical energy holding patterns. Cues from the body, family history, symptomology and behavior of the client will be interrelated. This gives the practitioner several avenues of intervention in helping increase the client's self-awareness and self care. Specific verbal, postural, movement, and attitudinal interventions are demonstrated to assist in effecting positive changes more readily and more permanently than just verbal or physical intervention alone. Bio-spiritual energetic awareness and many of the techniques can be integrated effectively into clinical practice.

The video with demonstrations of exercises for all BAS classes comes with Seminar #1.

(34 CE credits) $375 BUY

Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.

Integrative psychology has antecedents in the fields of psychotherapy, systems theory and communications that have paved the way to more essential contact between human beings. Some of the most clear and effective theories and practices from the psychological domain are presented here. They open the doors to and interface with spiritual traditions that have been wise enough to train the mind rather than demonize it or try to eliminate it. Students will apply these practices to their own lives and relationships and learn first hand how to tailor the tools to their psyche as well as alter them for others.

Several foundational systems approaches presenting holistic paradigms for spirit/mind integration will be studied. This will include Family Systems Theory and General Systems Theory as practiced on a personal and organizational level. Students will study their own systems as well as their personal communication patterns as well as learn the techniques for assisting those they serve.

In this course the student will learn:
  • To effectively use goal setting and scheduling as tools to self-knowledge and spiritual growth
  • To identify ineffective communication patterns in self and others and to remedy them
  • To understand and employ family systems theory
  • To use basic breathwork techniques
  • To be conversant with general systems theory and levels of consciousness applications
(14 CE credits) $150 BUY

Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.

The Personal Effectiveness Principles training is a series of eight two and one half hour classes enabling participants to gain clarity about their life goals and success in achieving them. The course encapsulates concise and useful principles for mental mastery, emotional intelligence, goal setting and long term purposeful success. Techniques for effective communication, relationship building and energy maintenance through breathing fully and freely are also covered.

Course Objectives:
  • Know and practice principles for thinking clearly, acting passionately and responsibly and obtaining fulfilling results in one's unique way,
  • Know how to help create an internal and external environment that will sustain ongoing positive life changes for one's self and others.
(16 CE credits) $175 BUY

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