David Allen, Certified Breathwork Practitioner
Services: Breath experiences for individuals, couples, groups and businesses.
David Allen
My practice is focused on the person or persons sitting across from me. I provide a welcoming space where active listening, questioning and instruction work together to clarify the desire going into the breath. This is a place where exploration of feelings, tactile and emotional, is encouraged. I find that a combination of music and instruction with the breath allows the breather to have an experience with material that resides not just in the mind, but in the body. In addition to the "deep diving" that can happen in a session, I work with clients to understand how to use the breath in day-to-day living and situations.

East Lake Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21212

25+ years in healthcare, staff and community education and personal development has been a great foundation for providing a breathwork practice. I am a graduate of the Power of Breath Institute in New Hampshire. Additional experience and studies have continued at POBI and with Jeremy Youst where I have also supported students. I have had continuing education with Jim Morningstar, Judee Gee and Binnie Dansby. Each encounter with a client and/or student provides further education. In addition to hosting two on-going breath groups, I have facilitated group breath experiences at special events and conferences in many locations throughout the US.

Men's health/issues, Intimacy/relationship, Grief, Sexuality, Relaxation

Individual Session $75.00/hour, generally two hours
Couple Session $100.00/hour, generally two hours
Groups/Businesses Based on request

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