Bulgarian Breathwork Association
Services: BBA is NGO for improving the quality of human life.
Bulgarian Breathwork Association

Bulgarian Breathwork Association is NGO for improving the quality of human life. Its role is to support and facilitate the development of professional standards in the area of personal development in Bulgaria.

BBA Goals:
- to give maximum information about breathwork practice in Bulgarian language - we want to promote as many as possible breathing techniques, professional breathworkers, information, opportunities and materials;
- to give people chance for self-development and information;
- to conduct seminars, trainings and projects.

Sofia, 39 Laiosh Koshut street

BBA promotes various conferences and trainings. There are no national licensing standards for alternative practitioners in Bulgaria. In general, licensing is regulated only for the person conducting the seminar or the training. These requirements may include:

Graduating from an accredited training school or / and University degree;
Valid certificates;
Passing an examination that assesses knowledge and practice techniques;
Knowledge of ethical and professional standards of BBA.

Once a practitioner states his/her will to conduct trainings or seminars through our organisation we sign a contract and ask about his credentials, training and education. Examples of questions are:

Where did you receive your training?
What licenses and/or certifications do you have?
How long have you held these licenses and/or certifications?
What degrees have you got?


usually 90 minutes for evening events and 6 hours for daily event usually 15 euro for evening events & 40 euro for daily event

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