Juliana Ericson
Services: Personal Life Enhancement and Breathwork sessions in my office and via internet (i.e. Skype), Breathwork certification trainings, workshops on various subjects including forgiveness, unleashing creativity using breathwork, removing subconscious blocks to prosperity and prenatal and birth psychology. I am a Professional Speaker on subjects such as forgiveness and breathwork. I give "Lunch and Learn" talks at companies and colleges.
Juliana Ericson

The main purpose of my practice is to inspire people to transform their perceived limitations and find what excites and inspires their greater selves. Techniques I use to help people detox and rewrite their lives are Forgiveness, Breathwork and Prenatal & Birth Psychology. I see people as whole and complete as they are and guide them to see that in themselves. When they feel that truth, they flourish and step into another version of themselves that was previously unknown to them.

Although I am highly trained to use these powerful techniques, I know that I am merely an instrument of healing. The true Healer is the Spirit to which I pray before I see each client. My job is to keep myself open and to create a safe space for God and my client to heal.

6317 Percy Drive
Nashville, Tenneessee 37205
Company Website: http://TheJoyfulLifeProject.com
Forgiveness book website: http://theOtherFWordForgiveness.com
Forgiveness workshops website: http://ForgivenessWorkshopsForWomen.com
Podcast website: http://JulianaEricsonShow.com

17 years in private practice. I have been trained by Sondra Ray, Tony LoMastro, Maureen Malone, Debi Miller, Kelly Walden, among other. I attended Florida State University in Psychology Dept. and Vanderbilt University in the Philosophy Department. I am trained to lead LRT's (Loving Relationships Training). I am the Author of a forgiveness book The Other F Word: 7 Days to Forgiving Anyone and Activate More Passion and Purpose in YOU! a 90-day workbook of life-enhancing tools. I produce a weekly podcast: A Joyful Life/Juliana Ericson Show and write a life-enhancing blog.

Forgiveness (releasing past limitations from our conscious and subconscious memories), creativity, and A Course in Miracles

135 minutes (2 1/4 hours) $150.00
Breathe only for 60 minutes $100.00

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