Kathleen "Kat" Regan
Services: Certified Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher; Certified Transformational Breath Worker; Sixth Sensory Integrative, Spiritual Life Coach; OM/Non-denominational
Kat Regan
As a one-to-one Facilitator, Group Leader, Lecturer, award-winning Poet and Author of the book Promises Kept: A Journey Out of the Darkness Into the Light, Kat's approach focuses on integrating body, breath, and energy work to reclaim and honor the body/mind/spirit connection.

For over 20 years, she uses her ongoing holistic training and expertise by also incorporating, when called for, aromatherapy, writing, movement, song, and/or imagery as tools to connect to the Divine within us all.

With over 20 workshops for self-discovery and self-improvement created and facilitated thus far, along with producing and hosting a one-hour, live call in radio show focused on integrative medicine approaches, Kathleen's far-reaching experience includes working with: survivors of abuse; cancer and surgery patients; family of origin issues; the Autistic and mentally challenged community and their caregivers; gentle crossings for the dying; complimentary, holistic support tools for physical, mental and/or emotional issues and; exploring the Spirituality of Life and our connection to all living creatures with an open mind and heart.

2741 N. Bremen St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Breath Work Certification through The School of Integrative Psychology, 1994, as well as a graduate of the school's intensive 3-Year Master of Integrative Psychology program, 2001; Reiki Practitioner and Master/Teacher certifications, 1994-1996; Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher certification, 2011; Ordained Minister, 2001; Adult Family Home Care Provider and Owner-Occupied Adult Family Home certifications, 1994.

Reiki Sessions and Certifications for all levels of Reiki; Breath work Sessions with a focus on non-judgmental, supportive, healing intentions; Sixth Sensory Life Coach Sessions, bringing the guidance of Love and Light to the forefront of your Life; Rite of Passage Celebrations, including Weddings, Baptisms, Adoptions and Passings, making the experience what the client(s) wants and needs it to be.

Reiki Sessions $60.00
Reiki Certifications Level I - $175.00
Level II - $225.00
Level III - $300.00
Karuna Master/Teacher $350.00
Individual/Couples Breath Work Sessions $80.00
Life Coaching Sessions $50.00
Rite of Passage Celebrations and Group Breath Work Sessions vary - please call for more information.

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