Anna Rychner, RN, ERYT 500
Services: Yoga/Meditation, Individual Therapeutic Yoga consultations, Breath Work
Lenny Delvecchio
Through the power of breath I encourage the release of obstacles toward personal growth and enlightenment. I will use gentle movement, breath awareness exercises and techniques to facilitate change. The experience will include easy, stretching/relaxation laying or sitting on chair, diaphragmatic breathing to expand movement and opening into physical and mental areas of tension, causing emotional release. It is only through deep, prolonged focus on body and breath that emotional healing takes place. Deep seated emotions, especially those locked into painful memories can cause ongoing trauma, illness and dis-ease. Even chronic physical illness may respond to breath work, easing chronic pain, especially its emotional features. Gentle movement with breath awareness enhances the benefits of this healing work, causing even more release and comfort in the body. As a yoga instructor for over 40 years and breathworker for almost as many, I invite you to continue your own unique healing process with my whole-hearted support.

601 W. Fairfield Ct.
Glendale, WI 53217

40 years of work as health practitioner, yoga teacher, breathworker

Utilizing and combining the subtle movement of body through breath

90 minutes $90.00

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