Jeremy Youst
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Jeremy Youst

The Power of Breath Institute, founded and directed by Jeremy Youst is a breathwork training school for individuals who want to learn how to incorporate conscious breathing into their lives, and for individuals who want to become internationally certified breathwork practitioners. The Power of Breath Institute offers private sessions, personal intensives, evening, or weekend workshops, nine-month Empowerment Training, and an internationally accredited Practitioner Certification Training program.

45 Stones Mill Rd
Spofford, NH 03462

Jeremy is a certified breathwork practitioner and the founder/director of the internationally accredited Power of Breath Institute in Spofford NH. He has been skillfully facilitating empowerment for individuals and groups for over thirty years. Since 1989 Jeremy has trained in various methods of breathwork, from Rebirthing, to Transformational Breath, Holotropic, and the Butekyo method. The Power of Breath Institute specializes in delivering high integrity Therapeutic Breathwork training to individuals and professionals who wish to become certified Breathworkers through its 2-year training program.

Jeremy's profound commitment to a 'walk the talk' therapeutic approach and healthy embodiment has made him not only successful in accompanying thousands of individuals on their healing journeys, but also has helped him craft a state-of-the-art curriculum for breathwork practitioners. Jeremy's style of training and empowerment is dedicated to a heart - centered approach. Jeremy has extensively advanced his knowledge of the art and science of the full spectrum of breathwork (from stress release to non-ordinary states of consciousness) through research, continuing education, and a personal commitment to self-development.

Jeremy's life-long interest, intensive study and commitment to nature-based spirituality and Native Studies enables him to incorporate powerful teachings, experiential ceremonies along with the Spirit of Breath into his work.

Jeremy's interest in human development began with a degree in psychology, and the study of Re-evaluation Counseling in 1979. In 1998 he received his Facilitator Certification from the Transformational Breath Foundation. In 2004, Jeremy became a member of the International Breathwork Foundation and served as National Coordinator for U. S. breathwork community. In 2005 he became a board member of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, (formally know as the IBTA) an organization dedicated to establishing the ethical and professional standards for breathwork around the world.

In addition to a full workshop and training schedule, Jeremy currently maintains a private practice in Spofford, NH. He enjoys nurturing his family and community and in his spare time can be found either in his yard carving pipestone or being in nature.

Trauma, anxiety, depression, addiction, relationship issues, spiritual growth

2 1/2 - 3 hour sessions $200.00

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