Jim Morningstar,PhD, has been helping relations in the workplace for increased health, satisfaction, and productivity since 1980. His services are characterized by attention to organizational needs and applications that are timely and cost effective. He works with any level of management or employee need in the areas of consultation, education, or treatment. His expertise is in preventative planning and programming tailored to unique organizational challenges.
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He offers:
>  Wellness Assessment
Consultation for HR Managers and Management Group
Education for Employees, Supervisors, and Clients
>  Treatment for Personnel
>  Training On Purpose (TOP): Personal Effectiveness Principles for Business
TOP Course Principles
>  Personal Effectiveness - Clarity and Passion
>  Your Deepest Beliefs - The Analysis Principle
>  Changing Your Mind - The Affirmation Principle
>  Self Direction - The Goals Principle
>  Self Awareness - The Maintenance Principle and Breathing Your Body in Motion
>  Effective Communication - Healing Vision and the Risky Rascals
>  Personal Laws and Relationship Patterns - the Keys to Freedom
>  Living Your Purpose - Doing What it Takes
Jim Morningstar presented the workshop to our senior management team at a time of crisis for the organization and its leadership. He was amazingly well prepared...having done significant homework on the issues and the personalities. As the session evolved, Jim realized that he had to adapt to where the session was leading the group. Probably not what he planned, but he improvised and the entire process was an outstanding success. For the organization and the team it was a defining event. Our staff is anxious to reconnect with Jim in the not-too-distant future.
President & CEO
Washington, DC Convention and Tourism Corporation
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